Project Example

Quest Software's VistaPlus to IBM CMOD

Insurance Company

We provided the services for the conversion of 2.5 TB of Quest Software's VistaPlus data (COLD) into IBM's Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system.

The source data from the VistaPlus system was received on encrypted USB disk drives. This source data consisted of a backup copy of the MySQL database and a copy of the VistaPlus reports archive.

This project involved the utilization of Kofile's custom developed applications for converting the data out of the VistaPlus proprietary format into our standard neutral format (text line data with delimited text index files). This project also included the re-mapping of the report names and extraction of the sticky note (text based) annotations from the MySQL database.

The extracted data was then formatted for loading into CMOD. The converted data was formatted into the CMOD standard ODGL (OnDemand Generic Load) files. The converted data was returned on encrypted USB disk drives.