Project Example

ComSquared to NISC Document Vault

Water Utility

We provided the services for the conversion of about 300 GB of ComSquared data, which included COLD (reports) and document imaging data, into the customer's new NISC Document Vault EDMS system.

The source data from the ComSquared system was received on an encrypted USB disk drive. Kofile converted approximately 300 GBs from this system.

This project involved the utilization of Kofile's custom developed applications for converting the data out of the ComSquared proprietary format into our standard neutral format. The extracted TIFF images were converted into multi-page TIFFs with LZW compression.

This project also included the re-mapping of various data fields into the specified document attributes for successful load into Document Vault. The converted data was formatted into the proprietary XML format for successful load into Document Vault.