Project Example

FileNet to CMOD

Global Financial Services Firm

We provided the services for the conversion of 15 terabytes of FileNet formatted data for load into IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD).

The source data was received as both optical platters and MSAR data files.

The conversion process utilized Kofile's custom developed applications for the extraction of the data out of the FileNet proprietary formats into a neutral format (TIFF images with the metadata in delimited text files). The single-page TIFF images were merged into multi-page format and stored as PDF files using JBIG2 compression.

The data, including all index information, was formatted for loading into the customer's existing CMOD system via ODGL (OnDemand Generic Load) files. This project involved the use of several custom software programs for merging/sorting/re-indexing and creating the specific (ODGL) format for loading into CMOD.